Why hire an independent inspector?

An independent inspector does NOT have a profit motive to find work. His analysis is more likely to be an accurate assessment of the repairs necessary to solve your problem. I have heard horror stories of excessive work done by contractors that went way beyond what was necessary to solve their foundation problem. In some cases only grading or extending a downspout is necessary.

Shadid Inspecting wall
Dale inspecting wall

Please, if you have any doubt about the contractor that quoted a repair, call an independent consultant.

A few dollars spent for an accurate analysis of your foundation, by an independent inspector, may save you thousands of dollars. Watch out for companies that advertise themselves as an independent inspector or engineering services. Some of them are affiliated with the company that does the repair. Independent should mean independent.

My analysis of your foundation is an honest assessment of the problems and conditions found at the time of inspection. I am not an independent inspector. But I hope you trust me enough to consider Basement Specialists Inc. for your foundation repairs. If you would like an independent inspector, I would recommend a member of the Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals (WAFRP).

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