How We Do It


We have a number of different repair methods that are customized to fit your particular problem. If the problem is not severe, the wall can be reinforced with structural steel columns.

Repaired basement wall
Sealing basement wall

Sealing walls

Water problems are solved by excavation and sealing the walls.

Straightening walls

In most cases buckled walls can be excavated and straightened.

reinforcing basement wall with jacks
Rebuilding basement wall

Rebuilding walls

In some situations, we may need to completely rebuild the foundation.

Interior drain tiles

Portions or all of the drain tile system can replaced.

Replacing drain tile
Excavating basement wall

What you can do - prevention

Most water problems can be corrected by simple routine maintenance. The most important item is keeping the soil around the foundation properly pitched to prevent water from pooling next to the walls. Concrete must also be inspected for proper pitch.

Also, look at your gutters and downspouts. Keep all water flowing at least 6 feet from the foundation. Check the sump pump to insure proper working order. If the home is older, there is a palmer valve that drains the tile system, usually found in the floor drain. It is important to keep trees 30 feet from the basement walls to prevent pressure against the walls and keep the roots from growing into the drain tile.