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Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Basement Connection
Your basement. The foundation of your home. The storer of your things. Your extra square footage of living space. And, ultimately, the big giant hole underground that you want most desperately to stay dry when it rains. Funny thing is, the dryness of your basement could depend on your neighbors. We’re all connected by sewer pipes. If you own a home, you own a sewer pipe. And, most of us don’t maintain that pipe until there’s a problem. So, you have a lot more in common with your neighbors than you thought you did after that last block party.

Private Property Program

What is the Private Property Program
The goal of MMSD's Private Property Program is to reduce the risk of basement backups by cutting down on the massive amount of excess water that leaks into privately-owned sanitary sewers and from older homes that have foundation drains connected directly to sanitary sewers. MMSD is providing funding to the 28 communities that it serves to get the work done and approving work plans submitted by the communities.

Foundation Drains

What is a Foundation Drain?
They're pipes located under your basement walls that collect ground water to help keep it from damaging your home or anything you store in the basementby preventing water from seeping through the floor or walls.


What is a lateral?
All homes and businesses connected to sanitary sewer systems have a lateral. It's the pipe that transports water used inside your home out to your city's sanitary sewer system in the street. Just like roofs and driveways, maintaining a lateral is the homeowners responsibility.

Preparing for a Flood