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Drain Tile Inspection

Why Get a drain tile Inspection
How is an Inspection Done
Other Reasons to get an Inspection
Things to be Careful for
What We Will do For You

Measuring Walls

Measuring Plumb, As-Built Position, and Displacement of Walls

Critical Measurements

Wall Movement; as determined from a built position
Wall Shearing at Base-- usually occurs at 2nd course from the bottom of wall Dropped, settled, or rotated footing.

Water Damage

Source of Water Problem and Where Stains Can Be Found
High water table
Cracks in wall
Poor grading, pitch of concrete, downspout extensions, gutter problems or other maintenance issues.
Broken storm sewer lines (under ground sump discharge)
Pitch of underground stratum or field tiles
Sump pump malfunction
Water entering above grade through brick veneer and sills
Ice damming on roof
Capillary action

Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District - MMSD

Basement Connection
Private Property Program
Foundation Drains
Preparing for a Flood